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How I Do It
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Young Jino is a rising urban artist combining street and mainstream music. Young Jino from Ypsilani, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) has a very creative delivery and voice and makes him a artist with that "unique" sound. After hearing his music, you can tell his crafted lyrics are tailored to allow listeners to understand the simplicity in his complex rhymes.

Young Jino began rapping at 16 and combined with being caught up with street life, being introduced to fatherhood early , made him mature faster due to the circumstances. A passion driving his music made him realize that painting stories through the art of rhyme along with his charismatic charm opened him up for more ears to give him a listen.

After being taken under the wing from his former group (The Bake Up Boyz) it led to a taste of mainstream exposure ,collaborating with Jim Jones and other big acts, this opened up his eyes to the bigger picture. After the unfortunate disbandment of the group, he took his time to improve his skills as a solo artist.

Soon came a fresh start with independent label Money Motive Ent. he is fueled with a new sound, sharper delivery and a vision for success. Jino plans on showing the world what he’s been working for since he was 16. His mainstream hit “How we do it” (produced by the Olympiks of Maybach Music) is taking off across the country, with spins in over 30 markets and gaining steam on Worldstarhiphop and Music Choice, the possibilites are endless!

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Young Jino
"I Got It"the follow up to the smash hit "How I Do It" from the album REDEMPTION In Stores Now. Videos on You Tube. Fans are talking about Young Jino.
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