The Distribution (R)evolution Begins
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Digital Distribution: Music

HSM has been in digital music since its inception. We were the premiere independent partner for the launch of significant services such as iTunes, Verizon VCAST, and Nokia “Comes With Music” and are constantly monitoring and engaging with the latest business models. Currently, we provide our clients access to 660 retail outlets in 75 countries.

Physical Distribution: Music

HSM’s physical division leverages direct relationships with key physical retailers in the US to provide established independent labels distribution to major retail chains, one stop shops, and independent retailers nationwide. Our sales staff has experience managing multi-platinum albums and focuses on individualized service with unparalleled attention to detail - giving clients the exposure they need at the most recognized names in physical music retail.

Digital Distribution: Video

We've brought our delivery experience and retail relationships to digital distribution for film and television. We are constantly monitoring and engaging with the latest video business models, integrating our encoding and delivery platform with each retail partner we sign.


Mechanical Licensing, Publishing Administration and Royalty Collection

Mechanical Licensing. HSM ensures labels can secure the necessary publishing approval to sell third-party compositions in the US through a blanket deal with the Harry Fox Agency, and direct deals with non-Harry Fox publishers. A fully staffed licensing department handles the licensing, accounting, and royalty payouts so our clients don’t have to, significantly relieving administrative burden in a cost-effective way.
Publishing Administration. HSM offers artists and labels a comprehensive suite of copyright and publishing administration and global sub-publishing services, including the collection of worldwide royalty payments and licensing administration.
Royalty Collection. Throughout the world, performance royalties are earned not only for compositions, but also for master recordings. HSM provides a consolidated global solution for the collection of these Sound Recording Performance Rights (Neighboring Rights) from all worldwide societies.
Crystal Cruz
From the folks that brought you Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Alicia Keys comes Crystal Cruz. A self-described “mixed chick”
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