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Affiliate Program

HSM is a digital music distribution service. HSM offers musicians and other rights holders the opportunity to place their music into digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Zune Marketplace Rhapsody, eMusic and others for sale. HSM differs from traditional digital music distribution by taking no percentage of its customers' sales and asking for none of their rights, copyright or masters nor requiring exclusivity.

Join the HSM Affiliate Program, place links on your website and start earning commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by the HSM links posted on your website.

The HSM Affiliate Program Offers:

Our affiliate program is easy to join and has generous earnings potential. The HSM affiliate program offers the following opportunities:

* Affiliates earn – 7% Commission on every sale
* 45 return days
* High quality converting creative
* Private offers available for our top producers!

HSM is looking for affiliates in all categories, and especially in the following categories:

• Music
• Books/Media
• Entertainment
• Online Services

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your interested in the HSM affiliate program.

Crystal Cruz
From the folks that brought you Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Alicia Keys comes Crystal Cruz. A self-described “mixed chick”
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