The Distribution (R)evolution Begins
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There is so much information and content clamoring for everyone’s attention online that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to entice people to listen to your music or watch your videos. Our digital marketing team creates programs to get new fans, interact with fans, and then persuade those fans to buy your music and videos.

We create customized iPhone apps, work with massive online portals like MySpace and AOL, set up live streams on Facebook, schedule sessions with Daytrotter, premiere videos on, coordinate features on YouTube, plan Direct-to-Consumer sales strategies and execute them, set up features on all major and niche retail outlets around the world and conduct pricing campaigns to drive sales after release date.

The mission of our in house marketing team is to provide a Label Service experience to our clients. Our marketing team will become your experienced label team and are experts at delivering success within the independent distribution model.

Crystal Cruz
From the folks that brought you Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Alicia Keys comes Crystal Cruz. A self-described “mixed chick”
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