The Distribution (R)evolution Begins
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The HSM is a category leader – not just ahead of the trends, but setting them. As it enables labels to connect with retailers, social networking sites, third-party applications and more, The HSM makes these connections seamless and rewarding.

That’s where our technology comes in. Whether our clients need to upload their releases, manage their social profiles, market their brands or identify their sales trends, our technical team builds the right products and services - and brings them together in one convenient, user-friendly system.

The technologies below navigate, synthesize and un-complicate the digital landscape for our clients, enabling labels to save time, effectively manage business operations, and explore opportunities for additional revenue, while maintaining focus on their creativity.


HSM Workstation

The HSM Workstation is our powerful all-in-one dashboard that gives clients instant access to our team and our tools. The industry-leading user-friendly system helps clients save time,effectively manage business operations, and explore opportunities for additional revenue.

  • Artist Builder: Simultaneously update Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and artists sites/blogs with artist tour dates, videos, photos and news
  • Release Builder: Upload individual or hundreds of releases at once, create compilations from existing or new tracks, copy releases to make exclusive versions, and track the delivery of them all
  • Analytics: View and analyze sales data through colorful charts and heat maps
  • Marketing: Take advantage of third-party marketing tools such as iPhone Apps and download cards
  • Licensing: Control availability of tracks for master use licensing/synchronization opportunities
  • Accounting: View statements and revenue breakdown charts
Crystal Cruz
From the folks that brought you Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Alicia Keys comes Crystal Cruz. A self-described “mixed chick”
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