The Distribution (R)evolution Begins
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Why Choose Us?

1: Access is Everything: The Best Digital Music Store and Mobile Music Providers
HSM Entertainment has premium partnerships with hundreds of the world's most lucrative digital platforms, including iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace Music, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Sprint. In addition to these traditional partners we also have numerous new and groundbreaking niche stores; and we’re always expanding our digital retail and platform partnerships throughout the world. Once your content has been ingested, formatted and stored on our servers, it is rapidly encoded and delivered to each new digital platform we add to our retail partner roster.

2: Advocacy for The Absolute Best Rates
Our partnerships allow us to secure the best rates available to any label – large or small. If a service won’t pay us market rate, we will not supply them. It’s simple: as your advocate, we put your interests before our own, and we only work with digital retailers and platforms that: • Pay you what your content is worth • Operate professionally and reliably • Offer a promotional platform to market your content.

3: True Global Business Opportunities
Through our global partnerships, HSM Entertainment has on-the-ground operations in 27 countries, providing unprecedented access to the global music market. Not only can we deliver your content to every corner of the globe, our team members in each region will execute your marketing plan on a local level, in the native language to ensure maximum exposure.

4: Unmatched Marketing Expertise
Obtaining virtual shelf space is only a small part of what HSM Entertainment and our partners can do for you. To drive sales, your songs need to stand out in the clutter of the overpopulated digital space, and consumers need to be able to sort through the clutter and be able to find your music. That’s where HSM Entertainment sets itself apart. Our marketing team has established relationships with key decision-makers, programmers and editors. They possess the know-how to get the placements and promotions needed for consumers to find your content.

5: Active Engagement with All New, Cutting-Edge Services
While we have deep roots in the traditional music industry, we are forward-thinkers who pride ourselves on our innovative approach to the evolving digital marketplace. We’re always seeking out fresh opportunities and forging relationships with the newest industry players to ensure our clients reap the rewards of the next big thing, when it happens.

6: Brand Entertainment & Creative Licensing Services
Through our strong partnerships, HSM Entertainment goes beyond distribution to leverage your content in relevant Brand Entertainment and Creative Licensing campaigns. Our specialty divisions actively engage brands, agencies and production companies to secure opportunities through both innovative new marketing and promotion programs, or via sync licensing for TV, film, commercial advertising or video games – all of which means additional income for you!

7: State-of-the-Art Accounting
Simply stated, you receive easy-to-understand financial reports, on a detailed per title basis, as well as comprehensive statistical breakdowns and analysis.

8: Dedicated Client Service and Account Management
We’re always available to answer your questions and address your needs. You get individual attention from expert staff that understands your goals and works with your best interests in mind.

9: Pioneering Video Distribution and Marketing
Through out exclusive partnerships, we are now able to offer video distribution and marketing services for shortform programming, such as music videos. We have deals in place with leaders such as iTunes, and YouTube, you get the same attention to your video content you can expect for your music.

10: Publishing and Royalties Administration
Digital distribution can be a costly and time-intensive process. You have control of your process, but we never pass the “dirty work” of administering your account back to you. Our team can handle administration of publishing and royalties collection, to help you do what you do best even better – focus on your music!

Crystal Cruz
From the folks that brought you Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Alicia Keys comes Crystal Cruz. A self-described “mixed chick”
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